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Premium vs Free
Premium vs Free

The article describes premium features vs paid ones

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Here is a comparison of the Free and Paid features.

Free Version

  • 24 Hour Data Retention - this means that all Graphs (CPU, Memory, Disk etc) will only be shown for a 24 Hour Interval

  • Basic Server UP/Down Alerts - this means that you will only be getting UP/Down Alerts for Servers, Websites and IP Monitors and you will not be able to configure your own alerts

  • Single User Account - you are only allowed to use the account by yourself, without the ability to invite your team mates

Premium Account Features:

  • 30 Day Data Retention  - this means that all Graphs will show data for a 30 Day Period

  • Advanced Alerts - you will be able to configure alerts, such as "CPU > 50%", "Disk Usage > 80%"

  • Remote Commands - you will be able to control your server remotely without the need to ssh to the server. This also allows you to control your servers via Slack.

  • Server Backups - you will be able to backup your servers using our backup tools to Amazon S3 storage, or to Local Storage

Contact us if you have many servers and would like to discuss a discount.

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